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job seeker guideHave you ever known somebody who got the latest high-tech smartphone, only to use it for texting? “But it can be used for so much more!” you think to yourself.
You can also use your CareerBuilder profile for so much more than posting your résumé. While it’s an important first step in your job search, CareerBuilder has created a number of resources that can add to your job search experience and help you connect to jobs you find meaningful, as well as give you the tools to help you get the job. Check out these different job-seeker guides to get the most out of your CareerBuilder profile, as well as find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our site and your profile.

Creating a profileJust like putting together your résumé, creating a profile can be an important but daunting step in your job search. In this guide, we go through how to put together your profile, add job-seeker materials and see how well your résumé is doing. From creating a profile to applying for jobs, this guide covers the basics. A great tool for new users or those who haven’t job searched in a while.
In this guide, you’ll learn how to:
  • Create a profile
  • Upload your résumé
  • Track your résumé performance
  • Understand new search options
  • Quick apply to more jobs
Improving your job search
This guide will help you navigate our site and ensure you get the most out of being a user. In your job search, the more information you have — the better. Learn about advanced search tools to narrow in on jobs that area relevant to you, find out how to customize your alerts and recommendations, check out résumé improvement tools and explore our job-seeker resources. You’ll find tools and resources that can transform your job search and connect you to the jobs you actually want. Great for anybody who has a CareerBuilder profile and wants to take full advantage of the tools and resources available.
In this guide, you’ll learn how to:
  • Get the most out of job recommendations and alerts
  • Check out the competition for jobs you’re interested in
  • Use tools like “Advanced Search” and “Company Search”
  • Manage your preferences
  • Utilize résumé tools like “Résumé Writing” and “Résumé Upgrade”
  • Access advice and resources that can aid your job search
For more tips on your job hunt, download “Jobology: 153 Ways to Improve Your Job Search” at
Everybody’s got questions — we just rounded up the most frequently asked. Ever wonder how to change how often you receive emails or what kind show up in your inbox? Are you interested in finding jobs more specific to where you live?  Want to check out your application history? Do you want to stop searching and instead get jobs that you’ll like automatically emailed to you?
We’ve got the answers here, and want you to have the best user experience so you can concentrate on finding the right job for you.

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