5 Ways that Baby Boomers Can Overcome Age Discrimination

You probably know that baby boomers are having a difficult time finding work in this economy. But it's worse than you might think. In a new report by my company and Beyond.com called "The Multi-Generational Job Search," we compared job search behavior among a total of 5,268 boomers, Gen X and Gen Y workers. And we found that 25 percent of boomers have a job search of over a year, compared to just 17 percent of Gen X and only 10 percent of Gen Y.

From what I've seen, many employers unfairly tar baby boomers as being irrelevant, lacking up-to-date skills and being too expensive to hire. A whopping 65 percent of Boomers feel like they suffer from age discrimination, followed by only 22 percent of Gen X and 21 percent of Gen Y. So what can the over 50 worker do? Here are some tips:

1. Become adept at social media.
One of the best ways to become more relevant is to learn the tools that younger job seekers are using. Even though in our study it showed that 29 percent of boomers are using social media in their job search, slightly more than even younger generations, but more boomers could be ensuring that they stay relevant by embracing social media networks, especially LinkedIn.

2. Don't list everything on your resume.
Instead of promoting your thirty years of work experience, trim your resume down the last 15 years. Put your greatest achievements at the top because studies show, on average, recruiters spend less than ten seconds on each resume.
3. Network as much as you can.
Older workers should tap their network as a competitive advantage in their job search. They have been around the workforce longer so they know more people and people lead to jobs. Use your LinkedIn network, your offline contacts and family and friends to find out what jobs are available. Also, senior level jobs are rarely advertised. You usually have to have a contact in order to get your resume seen.
4. Consider temp work.
Another way to find employment as you age is to contact local temp agencies that can help place you in companies based on your skills. Once employers see how valuable you are, it will be easier to convince them to hire you full-time.
5. Start a consulting business.
If you're unemployed, a good way to keep your skills fresh is to consult. As a consultant, years of experience and track record will be a major asset, helping you land contracts. Instead of applying for jobs at companies, pitch them. Find different ways that companies can leverage your skills and constantly market yourself so people know that you exist and what you can do.

Source: AOL

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